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I don’t remember much of what happened at Bay to Breakers 2010, but judging from these photos I had a blast. Whoever is in charge of inventing holidays should seriously consider making the day after Bay to Breakers one. Other collections of Bay to Breakers 2010 photos and posts: Uptown Almanac: Bay to Breakers Dance-Off: […]

Last Friday April 2nd was the Lower Haight Art Walk, a semi-regular event that showcases local artwork, shopping deals, good food, and lots of booze for the walking public. Just don’t get caught outside with it! For a city that loves to drink so much, we should really just adopt an open bottle policy. Some […]

Last week’s grand re-opening party drew a lot of industry people and press, and we were there to catch all the action. The party was a success with good music, food, and drinks. Limón is now officially open to the public, and it is located at 524 Valencia at 16th St. in the Mission. Check out […]

Being that my ethnicity is that of somewhere in or around Asia and the Pacific Rim (I still don’t know if I’m Asian, Pacific Islander, or just Filipino, but that’s never on any forms), I like to think that I’m quite familiar with the social behavior of peers in my generation. One such defining behavior […]