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As seen on the bench in front of Big Mouth Burgers on 24th between Misison and Valencia. Kevin over at Uptown Almanac also spotted the same elephant elsewhere. Also check out: Photo: Asian Moustache Photo: Evening Shot of the San Francisco Skyline from Coit Tower Photo: Rainbow After the Hailstorm Photo: PAE DAY Photo: Dolores Park Movie Night: Back […]

Asian Moustache


Since when did “Asian moustache” mean “unibrow?” Spotted at China Bazaar in Chinatown. Also check out: Photo: Evening Shot of the San Francisco Skyline from Coit Tower Photo: Rainbow After the Hailstorm Photo: PAE DAY Photo: Dolores Park Movie Night: Back to the Future

This gorgeous photo of the evening skyline was taken by local photographer Scott Mansfield. It was taken half way up Coit Tower in North Beach. Watching the city electrify, as the night approaches, is a wonderfully meditative experience.  It happens gradually, individual windows turning on adding single squares of light, slowly filling the foreground with […]



San Francisco graffiti artist PAE DAY on a truck outside my apartment in Ingleside. Also check out: Photo: Dolores Park Movie Night: Back to the Future

“Where we’re going…we don’t need roads.” Snapped while laying under the sun waiting for the first Dolores Park Movie Night of the season to begin with everyone’s favorite movie about a time traveling DeLorean. Photographer: Macky

This photo is too beautiful not to share. Photographer Scott Meinzer shot this stunning HDR (high dynamic range) photo of a rainbow over San Franciso following yesterday’s hailstorm. Scott Meinzer: It’s been raining on and off all day here in San Francisco, randomly it started haling and then this rainbow showed up…. By the time […]