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Music is an art form that I feel is best enjoyed live on a stage.  That said, San Francisco is home to some of the finest live music and concert venues, and The Fillmore is one of them. Walk in and you’re immersed in music history. The walls are covered with photographs and posters from […]

I’d like to introduce the newest addition to Hoodscope, Anne, a very close friend of mine. She’s a media maven, music aficionado,  fashion enthusiast, and self-professed dessert queen. Seriously, she would eat dessert every meal of the day if it weren’t socially frowned upon or if it didn’t lead to an early grave. Now, a […]

6:00am – The alarm goes off. I crawl out of bed, slip on my hot pants (what?)  and head straight to the kitchen, passing by friends that are still sound asleep as they dream their silly dreams.  6:30am – Slaving over a hot stove, I begin cooking pancakes to keep our tummies full and happy […]

In just a few days, one of San Francisco’s most epic public annual events will be hitting the streets, and all the Bay to Breakers virgins out there will need a primer. This is not just some highly organized cross-city race that has been occuring on an annual basis since 1912, it’s much more than […]