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I saw this guy right when I boarded the K-line at Van Ness and I knew I had to sit by him. Me: So, is there a convention or something going on? Muni Man:  (chuckles) Nah, today’s my day off. We proceeded to talk about the cool costumes he saw at WonderCon, whether or not he […]

Bay Area Bites – Red Crawfish One of my favorite culinary mash-ups of recent years is the Vietnamese-Chinese-Cajun crawfish boil served with rice or garlic noodles. Following the arc of families moving from Vietnam to New Orleans to Southern California to, finally, San Jose and San Francisco, mud bugs have taken a garlicky turn and […]

Mission Mission – Mr. Pickle Returned to Mama Pickle!  According to Mama Pickle, the thief called this afternoon claiming to have “felt bad” about taking Mr. Pickle and offered to return him in the night. SF Weekly – Funemployment To encounter the laid-off twenty- and thirtysomethings blogging about unemployed life or roaming this city’s bars, […]

Everyone loves reading a good “Best of” list. It takes everything that exists about a particular subject, and pares it down to the cream of the crop for easy digestion. Year after year, SF Weekly puts together a colossal “Best of San Francisco” list that spotlights fresh places and trend-setters. The problem with this list […]