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Newly opened Super Duper Burger in the Castro is the latest eatery from the masterminds behind local favorites Starbelly, Beretta, and Delarosa. Super Duper is basically San Francisco’s version of New York’s Shake Shack, which is New York’s version of In-N-Out, which is my favorite burger of all time. The menu is very simple, just […]

Overheard this conversation today at Church St. Cafe in the Castro. It will either make you go, “Aww” or *gag* Girl: I know you don’t have any money, but all I want for my birthday is a drawing. Boy: I spent all my money on the canvas I’m using for your painting.

With all of the great places to eat in the Castro, how does one decide where to dine? The first step would be to decide what you feel like eating. Once you decide you want to eat Thai food because it is the best, you’re stuck with even more choices because there are a handful […]

Being a city that goes to bed early, there aren’t as many 24 hour eateries as you would expect here. Sure they exist, but this isn’t Las Vegas or New York, where almost every place is open 24 hours. In the Castro, there are a handful of late night eateries scattered throughout the neighborhood, one […]

Like cookies? Like penises? Like penises shaped like cookies? Er, I mean cookies shaped like penises? Then something is wrong with you. But I am not here to judge. Located in a tiny shop right on Castro Street between 17th St. and 18th St., Hot Cookie serves up traditional and not so traditional treats to […]

Often seen as the ignored sibling of the frozen dessert family, Gelato doesn’t seem to get as much love as ice cream and frozen yogurt. Perhaps because most people haven’t been to Italy, where there are more gelato stands than we have McDonald’s and Starbucks. Or maybe it’s because many dont know exactly what the […]

Beginning this week, the Castro Theater will be running a special custom version of Mamma Mia with lyrics on-screen so audience members can sing along. A host will introduce the movie and get everyone involved by warming up their vocal chords before each show, and goodie bags will be handed out. There will also be […]