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Every year, San Francisco plays host to the German tradition that is Oktoberfest. It’s a sixteen day festival held in Munich, Germany, that brings millions of people together to celebrate the history and tradition of Bavarian culture. In San Francisco, it is another reason to get thousands of people together to drink their brains out […]

6:00am – The alarm goes off. I crawl out of bed, slip on my hot pants (what?)  and head straight to the kitchen, passing by friends that are still sound asleep as they dream their silly dreams.  6:30am – Slaving over a hot stove, I begin cooking pancakes to keep our tummies full and happy […]

Happy Hour is that magical time of day when alcohol is discounted and everyone is glad to be off work. Grab a few friends, hit up a few bars, and end the day with a bang. Better yet, let Happy Hour start your evening off right. Here is my guide to having a great Happy […]

Why it’s taken so long for someone to create a compelling movie about the beer industry, I don’t know. But tomorrow, Thursday April 16, Beer Wars will be premiering for one night only in theaters across America.  Director Anat Baron takes you on a no holds barred exploration of the U.S. beer industry that ultimately […]

Kezar Pub is a sports bar & restaurant that gets it right. Granted, it’s very difficult to screw up a place that shows sports and serves alcohol and food, but they do it very nicely. It’s located by the Golden Gate Park entrance in the Haight, a nice central location for sports fans from all […]

When you first walk into Place Pigalle, you would think you’re in the Haight or the Mission, not Hayes Valley. Not exactly known for having a series of no frills bars, Place Pigalle manages to solidify itself as the neighborhood’s bona fide dive.