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Sitting on the corner of Taraval & 30th, right in front of an L-line stop, is Shin Toe Bul Yi – a tiny Korean restaurant of no more than a dozen tables. The space may be small, but thankfully the flavors aren’t. They serve classic, simple, Korean dishes that are full of flavor set in […]

A gelato craving might make you think of heading straight to North Beach this weekend, but Marco Polo Italian Ice Cream in Parkside provides authentic, homemade gelato with an array of unique flavors, minus the trek across town. The tiny, no-frills shop serves gelato made daily in its kitchen with fresh ingredients. You won’t find […]

A unique alternative for late-night cravings in the Outer Sunset, Golden Island Café serves a variety of traditional Hong Kong-style desserts. The specialty here is sago, tiny translucent tapioca pearls served with shaved ice and fresh fruit. There’s a variety of options — strawberry, mango, kiwi, lychee, cantaloupe, watermelon, honeydew — and you can order […]

Underdogs is a sports bar and grill in the Outer Sunset that also houses The Taco Shop, which is run by Nick Fasanella of Nick’s Crispy Tacos fame. At Underdogs you’ll find the same great food, including the famous Baja-style fish tacos Nick’s Way. They have a full bar with margaritas, sangria, and domestic, import, […]