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San Francisco graffiti artist PAE DAY on a truck outside my apartment in Ingleside. Also check out: Photo: Dolores Park Movie Night: Back to the Future Advertisements

Thanks to consumer shoppers’ best friend The Consumerist, the cat has been let out of the bag regarding the Mc10:35, a secret menu item from McDonald’s that has been receiving a sort of cult following in San Francisco. A reader sent in a tip to The Consumerist, saying he heard about it from a cashier […]

Choosing Mexican food usually means heading to the Mission, where the choices are plenty and the competition is stiff. For residents in Ingleside and the Sunset, the choices aren’t as many, but there are a few taqueria standouts. One of these is Ocean Taqueria, a hole-in-the-wall on Ocean Avenue that serves good, fresh Mexican food. […]

With independently owned neighborhood coffee shops going the way of the dodo, students and work-from-home warriors are finding it increasingly difficult to find local cafés to call home. CCSF students and Ingleside residents might have slightly less to worry about than those in other ‘hoods. Java on Ocean has cemented itself as the neighborhood locale […]

City of small eats: We like Gene Miguel. So much we asked the Hoodscope blogger and Examiner Cheap Eats guy to do some posts for us. Miguel has a keen eye for the unspectacularly arresting, like these spicy fries from Java restaurant (or the prosthetic-size burrito he blogged for SFoodie). Not crazy-ass good, probably, nothing that’d ever rate […]

I don’t need to tell you that coffee shops are everywhere these days. Unfortunately, 99% of them are shitty franchise shops that put local independently owned coffee shops out of business. Thankfully, Starbucks has stayed out of Ingleside and that allows Java On Ocean to solidify itself as the coffee shop of choice for the […]