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6:00am – The alarm goes off. I crawl out of bed, slip on my hot pants (what?)  and head straight to the kitchen, passing by friends that are still sound asleep as they dream their silly dreams.  6:30am – Slaving over a hot stove, I begin cooking pancakes to keep our tummies full and happy […]

What do you get when you combine drinking with a childhood game? A damn good time! This weekend, a group of Yelpers got together and organized a game of Sloshball in Golden Gate Park. For the uninitiated, Sloshball is basically kickball with booze. It was my first time playing this wonderful game, and my only […]

Update: Check out my recap and photos from this event: Sloshball in Golden Gate Park; Recap and Photos   This Saturday, April 18, a group of smart Yelpers will be hosting a game of Sloshball at Speedway Meadow in Golden Gate Park. What is Sloshball, you ask? It’s basically a game of kickball with kegs. That’s pretty […]