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Are the Mission’s New Street-Food Carts the True Heirs of Slow Food? – SFoodie First, this new-school underground street-food movement isn’t going away. And second, it’s a phenomenon that doesn’t fit any easy classification. It feels like such an eruption of the zeitgeist, we can’t quite assign it a place yet. Except to say that […]

Broke-Ass Stuart – 7 Easiest Days To Get Laid In SF 6. Friday Night at Delirium Is it just me, or does the crowd here get so young and babyfaced you’re not sure if the doorman is running some secret sting operation? There is enough coke in this place to bring Fleetwood Mac out of […]

Bay Area Bites – Red Crawfish One of my favorite culinary mash-ups of recent years is the Vietnamese-Chinese-Cajun crawfish boil served with rice or garlic noodles. Following the arc of families moving from Vietnam to New Orleans to Southern California to, finally, San Jose and San Francisco, mud bugs have taken a garlicky turn and […]

Broke-Ass Stuart – Broke-Ass Summer Mix Tape : FREE Download! As a little offering to get some of you into some of my favorite music, I’ve compiled a mix of some of my all-time favorite summer jams and some new ones to get hip to. What I’m Seeing – What Is The Plural Form Of […]

What I’m Seeing – Superheros & Supervillians Invade The Mission Wonder Woman, Superman, The Incredible Hulk, Spiderman, Batman, Ironman, Wolverine, The Green Lantern, and 3 other dudes as seen here in an epic battle of typography, color coordination, and good vs evil. SF Love Story – Seasonal Produce Update: June One of the best parts about […]

This week we have what may be the greatest custom drunk food invention since the McGangBang, as created by the locals from Food and the City; and some cheap & expensive options for enjoying San Francisco as reported by the non-locals from The New York Times. At least they knew how to spot a good burrito, something […]

This week has been full of cops and laws and street food, so I’m dedicating this Friday’s Link Love to I Live Here: SF, which posted three great stories and photoshoots this week. If you haven’t yet, read mine 🙂 Harriet The landscape was different from anything I’d seen on the East Coast growing up. The […]