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Benkyodo’s slogan reads, “Confections that win affections,” and they’ve definitely won me over many times. The Japanese confectionery specializes in fresh mochi and manju, which are made daily by hand. It’s easy to confuse mochi for manju, but the difference is actually pretty simple: Mochi – a sticky rice cake that is made from pounding steamed mochi […]

Look out Beard Papa, there’s a new cream puff in town!  Only a year in the business, and Pacific Puffs has already made quite a name for themselves.  Using an old family recipe, Pacific Puffs has mastered the art of creating the perfect puff. They have a simple menu consisting of 6 varieties: Classic- Pacific […]

I love Bi-Rite, almost as much as I love Mitchell’s Ice Cream and just a tad bit more than Humphry Slocombe. Roasted banana and salted caramel give my sweet tooth a damn near orgasm every time. I also love soft serve ice cream, there’s something about it that evokes childhood memories of ordering soft serve […]

If you haven’t already noticed, Hoodscope is a fan of 7×7’s Big Eat SF (although we may not always agree with them).  This year Anthony’s Cookies and Cream cookie is new on the list, so you know I had to try it.  Actually, Gene thought he would be the first Hoodscoper to try the cookie, […]

The U.S. enjoys an average of 48 pints of ice cream per person, per year, more than any other country.  That’s over 30 million pints consumed in San Francisco alone!  This is a fact I’m sure the Mitchell family knows all too well. Mitchell’s Ice Cream has been a San Francisco dessert destination for nearly […]