Super Duper Burger in the Castro

Super Burger from Super Duper Burger in the Castro

The Super Burger and house-made pickles

Newly opened Super Duper Burger in the Castro is the latest eatery from the masterminds behind local favorites Starbelly, Beretta, and Delarosa. Super Duper is basically San Francisco’s version of New York’s Shake Shack, which is New York’s version of In-N-Out, which is my favorite burger of all time.

The menu is very simple, just like Shake Shack and In-N-Out. There’s the standard hamburger ($3.75) and cheeseburger ($4.25), but they also have a Super Burger ($4.75) which has meat, bun, super sauce, lettuce, tomato, red onion, and cheddar cheese. They also have a chicken breast sandwich marinated in ancho chile pepper and served with chipotle aioli. For the vegetarians, they offer a fried portobello mushroom burger.

Any of the burgers can be made doubles for an extra $2, and you can add bacon for an additional $1.50. That feels like a fairly steep price for bacon, no? A Super Duper double with bacon ends up being $8.25!

We went on opening day and had Super Burgers with plain fries and garlic fries. The patties are pretty thin, but still manage to be pretty juicy. The burger patties are made with all natural Niman Ranch beef ground fresh daily, so you know you’re not getting days-old frozen beef. I had a single, but I would opt for a double next time because I still felt hungry after finishing the burger. The mayo-based super sauce was very subtle; I would have liked it to be a bit bolder.

Super Burger

The fries were standard fare, nothing special. The garlic fries are topped with freshly chopped garlic, though, so that’s a nice touch and adds a lot of intense garlic flavor. My favorite side happens to be the house-made pickles, which are free for the taking from a big jar at the condiment bar.

To wash it all down, you can order shakes made with Straus Family Creamery dairy, the same stuff that Bi-Rite uses for their overpriced soft-serve ice cream cones. Super Duper offers the same Straus Family Creamery soft serve as Bi-Rite, but 25 cents cheaper at $3.25. They also offer beer and wine, which is nice for those extra long days.

Super Duper is good, but not “super duper,” as its name implies.  I’ll give the edge to Shake Shack in the fry department just for their cheese fries! There’s nothing special about them; in fact, they’re just typical frozen crinkle-cut fries topped with gooey cheese, but they’re so good. It can’t be that hard to offer cheese fries, especially since they have both cheese and fries on the menu. The burgers are similar to Shake Shack’s in taste and appearance, but neither of them stacks up to my beloved In-N-Out!

If you’re around the Castro and craving a burger, Super Duper is a nice option.

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