The Modern San Franciscan Woman As Intepreted By Local Artist Mike Giant


How many of you fit this mold? Source: Mission Mission

Mission Mission recently shared a drawing by local artist Mike Giant that depicts what he believes is “The Modern San Franciscan” woman.

There’s a pretty intense comment war going on at Mission Mission, over what it means to be a “real” San Franciscan. Some of my favorite comments:

aim says:

I don’t even know what this is… it certainly does not represent me or any of my very diverse group of female friends.

The “modern San Franciscan woman” *I* know is intelligent, independent, open-minded, fun-loving, politically and socially active (because they care about their city), environmentally conscious but not obnoxious about it, sexually enlightened but not slutty, doesn’t have one “defining” look that describes all, and lives any-which-the-fuck-where they please in the city because they’re not pretentious enough to think that you’re only cool if you live in a certain neighborhood.

If this is really what Mike Giant thinks then perhaps he needs to get his head out of his ass and his ass out of the Mission.

kristen says:

I’m sorry, but you know this girl is pretentious as fuck.

as for the “native san franciscan,” I grew up in the East Bay ‘burbs and don’t pretend to be a native, but when some asshole who moved here 3 years ago from Austin tries to “educate” me about all the great, “underground” things my Bridge & Tunnel-bred ass doesn’t know about, I look around for sharp objects in the room I can end my life with.

Glenparker says:

“Fucks on the first date”? Guess I need to get out more…

So what do you think? Do you fit into this mold at all? A little bit? A lot? I for one can relate to “doesn’t have health insurance.”

Source: Mission Mission – The Modern San Franciscan Has Real Boobs and Lives in the Mission

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One Response to “The Modern San Franciscan Woman As Intepreted By Local Artist Mike Giant”

  1. 1 Drooling Isn't Pretty

    bwahahah im a san franciscan woman and i only fit about three of the little tags (haha i still use a flip phone…)

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