Collective Boutique and Gallery in the Mission – Reconstructed and Classic Vintage


Michelle Elaine is a blogger from Fvncy (read: fancy), a personal lifestyle blog covering fashion and art. She enjoys thrifting and vintage hunting, and will be sharing the best of her San Francisco experiences with Hoodscope. You can check out Fvncy at and follow her on Twitter @meesow00.

It was by chance that we came across Collective, a vintage shop that’s just down the street from The Painted Bird. The sign out front that read “$40 Trench Coats” lured us in. It’s a delightful shop with racks full of vibrant clothes. They had some great finds such as a few Dior men’s sweaters, vintage Chanel purses, and Lacoste sweaters in every color imaginable. Lining the cement floors are rows of boots of every size, shape, style, and color, for both men and women.

After quickly browsing the whole store over, I was drawn to a small rack of key chains. On the rack were various sized animal tails in different colors with feathers and soft leather. I was addicted to petting them and holding them. Gene can attest to my fixation with having to touch them and model them (That’s what she said. -Gene). They’re by The Feathered Leopard, a local brand of “hand made feather, leather, & fur jewelry & accessories,” and are just one of the many brands available at Collective.

They also feature apparel by Taxi CDC, a brand from LA that repurposes, redesigns, and reconstructs vintage materials, transforming them into fashion forward, eco-friendly and fun to wear pieces. They also have plans in the future to have custom redesign days, where customers can bring in their own vintage clothing and have the designers reconstruct them into new pieces. The service isn’t available yet, but will be available once the owner completes her move from LA to San Francisco. Hopefully that will be sooner than later! We’ll update this post once the service is available.

Aside from clothing and accessories, Collective also features artwork from a local artist Maria Puopolo on their walls. They are simple and have a cheery attitude about them that adds to the décor.

On our first visit, we left with two pairs of vintage boots and a desire to return. I’ll be back one day for one of those tails, and hopefully after I’ve collected enough vintage of my own, I’ll be back with some stuff for them to redesign.

Keep It Fvncy,
Michelle Elaine

1435 Valencia St.
San Francisco, CA 94110
(415) 285-6400


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