Meet Aly, Hoodscope’s newest addition


I’d like you to meet Aly, the newest Hoodscoper to join the team. When she’s not recording in the studio as a voiceover actress, she spends her time exploring the city for hidden gems and good eats. You’ll be just as likely to find Aly in a video game you’re playing as you will in your favorite divey restaurant in the Tenderloin. I’m proud to say that I have poached one of Yelp’s finest Elites in Aly, and she’ll bring a fresh new perspective on San Francisco eats, mainly because she is nicer than I am.  A few words from Aly:

I’m Aly and San Francisco is my home away from home. You’ll find me roaming in between SOMA and the FiDi during work and in every other neighborhood after hours discovering greatness in this beautiful city.

You can email her at or follow her on Twitter at @alykate.


3 Responses to “Meet Aly, Hoodscope’s newest addition”

  1. 1 Jacob A.

    “hidden gems” UGH SON!

  2. 2 Anne


  1. 1 Lost Dogs and Cats of Australia | Top Dog Product Reviews

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