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I love Bi-Rite, almost as much as I love Mitchell’s Ice Cream and just a tad bit more than Humphry Slocombe. Roasted banana and salted caramel give my sweet tooth a damn near orgasm every time. I also love soft serve ice cream, there’s something about it that evokes childhood memories of ordering soft serve […]

Overheard this conversation today at Church St. Cafe in the Castro. It will either make you go, “Aww” or *gag* Girl: I know you don’t have any money, but all I want for my birthday is a drawing. Boy: I spent all my money on the canvas I’m using for your painting.

Herb Caen (1916-1997) is a beloved writer from San Francisco, who loved this city as much as it loved him. He was a Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist for the San Francisco Chronicle and the San Francisco Examiner, and published multiple works. He may have left us in 1997, but he lives on in the Twitterverse. You […]

Mission Mission recently shared a drawing by local artist Mike Giant that depicts what he believes is “The Modern San Franciscan” woman. There’s a pretty intense comment war going on at Mission Mission, over what it means to be a “real” San Franciscan. Some of my favorite comments: aim says: I don’t even know what […]

I rarely dine out in North Bearch because of the many over-priced restaurants and valet parking, but for Mangarosa Restaurant & Bar I will make an exception.  Mangarosa, translated in Portuguese as “pink mango,” is a mango prominent in Northeast Brazil, considered to be the cream of the crop.  In that spirit, the owners of […]

It’s crawfish season y’all! Planning your next trip to Boiling Crab in San Jose? Go ahead and drive 50 miles, wait 2 hours to get seated, then get charged $0.25 for a cup of water. You’ll be more of a crackhead than the ones that roam the Tenderloin, which happens to be home to Red […]

The beloved Poleng Lounge officially shut it’s doors back in January, and co-owner Desi Danganan has been busy trying to get a new venture up and running. SF Weekly’s John Birdsall previously reported that he was considering an opportunity in the Mission. We now know that the new venture will be an art bar and […]