The Fillmore – A Historic San Francisco Concert Venue


Music is an art form that I feel is best enjoyed live on a stage.  That said, San Francisco is home to some of the finest live music and concert venues, and The Fillmore is one of them.

Walk in and you’re immersed in music history. The walls are covered with photographs and posters from legendary performers from The Fillmore’s past.  They’ve got all genres covered: The Grateful Dead, Miles Davis, BB King, The Smashing Pumpkins, Cypress Hill, The Killers, and the list goes on.

The classic décor, mood lighting, and excellent acoustics are what really make The Fillmore outstanding.  What I love most is the intimate, standing-room-only concert space.   Spectators in the front row are literally an arms-length away from the stage — close enough to feel the bass reverberate through your entire body and maybe even get some beads of sweat thrown your way.

But if you’re not like me and prefer to keep your distance, the floor is spacious enough for a good view from any angle.  You can also watch from the balcony upstairs, but seats up there are hard to come by, unless you show up early and eat at the restaurant before the show.  Besides, who goes to a concert to sit down? I sure don’t!

There’s a full bar on each floor, although the main bar is next to the stage so it’s often crowded.  The drinks are not cheap, but unfortunately that’s typical of most concert venues.  There are more bars in the surrounding area if you’re looking to get your drink on before the show.

I’ve seen my share of concerts at The Fillmore – including John Legend, Common, De La Soul, Lily Allen, India Arie, and N.E.R.D. – each one just as amazing as the next.  The awesome thing about it is that I have a collection of free souvenir posters to remember them by for years to come. For an updated list of upcoming concerts at The Fillmore, check out their official website.

Don’t forget to grab a free apple on your way out!


The Fillmore
1805 Geary Boulevard
San Francisco, CA 94115
(415) 346-6000

Photos courtesy of Yelp


2 Responses to “The Fillmore – A Historic San Francisco Concert Venue”

  1. The ‘What’s On’ page still has the launch as May 1st – is this still the case? I’ve posted a link to the Open Market website on the Hanover Community Notice Board, but it would be great to keep our residents updated. Thanks!

  2. SF Events is easy-to-use website which allows you to find all San Francisco concerts, sports events, theatre performances and more. You’ll see detailed information about all SF upcoming events.

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