7×7 2010 Big Eat SF List: #52 Coconut Buns from King’s Bakery


Image: 7x7/Ed Anderson

Item: #52 Coconut Buns, $0.50 each

Where: King’s Bakery on Mission St. between 24th and 25th

King’s Bakery is a divey Chinese-owned bakery hidden among the throngs of Mexican-owned and operated shops surrounding it. Though it’s Chinese owned, most of its baked goods are traditional Mexican pastries, obviously catering to the local demographic. However, the the coconut buns stand out as one of the few Chinese pastries available.

The little oblong sweet rolls are topped with sesame seeds and stuffed with a yellow filling of coconut, sugar, and butter. The rolls are soft and the filling is really sweet, buttery, and grainy. The King’s Bakery coconut buns are very good and it can be very hard to keep from eating more than one, but they are just as good as every other coconut bun I’ve had. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, I just may be spoiled from having them countless times since I was a kid from every Asian bakery in San Jose. Even when the coconut buns aren’t fresh out of the oven, which is most of the time, they are still pretty good. They’re just not as soft. A quick nuke in the microwave for a couple seconds solves that issue, somewhat successfully.

The funnest part of shopping for pastries at King’s Bakery is taking a dinged up aluminum tray and tongs and stacking up all the pieces you want on your tray to take to the counter.

Does it belong on the list? When they are fresh out of the oven, they are some of the best coconut buns I’ve had. I wouldn’t place it on the list though, not because they aren’t good, but because good coconut buns are fairly easy to come by. We’re in a city FULL OF CHINESE PEOPLE!

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