Meet Anne, Hoodscope’s newest addition


I’d like to introduce the newest addition to Hoodscope, Anne, a very close friend of mine. She’s a media maven, music aficionado,  fashion enthusiast, and self-professed dessert queen. Seriously, she would eat dessert every meal of the day if it weren’t socially frowned upon or if it didn’t lead to an early grave. Now, a few words from Anne:

I’m Anne and I want to share my love for San Francisco with you.  You can catch me on the K Ingleside, uncovering the sights and sounds of San Francisco and noshing on the best desserts the city has to offer.

Expect a lot of cool stuff from Anne! You can email her at and follow her on Twitter at @annearcelo. Say hello!


4 Responses to “Meet Anne, Hoodscope’s newest addition”

  1. 1 kim

    hi anne!!
    where do i find the best cheesecake?! looking forward to reading all about your sweet eats! pun intended!

  2. 2 Anne

    hi kim. cheesecake happens to be my favorite dessert! however i have yet to find one in sf that is blogworthy =( check back for a cheesecake post soon!

  3. 3 the IRS

    does anne have a boyfriend? i would LOVE to tax that!

  4. Not even a federal bailout could buy you a chance, Mr. the IRS 😉

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