Sashimi, Sangiovese, and It’s-Its: SF Weekly’s Dish Party Was a Blowout


Things only got blurrier as the evening progressed.

Last night, about 1,200 partiers gathered on the Metreon’s fourth-floor City View terrace to sample food and drink from several San Francisco restaurants and local wineries. The second annual charity event, Dish, was presented by SF Weekly and Park Merced. Partial proceeds benefitted One World Children’s Fund, which supports community-based organizations around the world serving vulnerable children and their caregivers.
Shrimp ceviche from Sam's Chowder House.

Shrimp ceviche from Sam's Chowder House.

Filling the expansive hall were 30 restaurants sampling items from their menus, including Fish & Farm, Circolo, Out the Door, Papalote, XYZ, Tres Agaves, Coda, Pacific Catch, and many more. We did our best to navigate the crowd and sample as many good eats as we could.
One of our favorites was the yellow fin tuna sashimi served atop a tiny slice of mini cucumber from Circolo. It was incredibly tiny but still managed to pack a lot of cool, crisp, and refreshing flavors. We also enjoyed the cheese pupusas from Balompie Café, which had a nice fluffy dough and hot gooey cheese, perfect. We also tried chicken tamales from Roosevelt Tamale Parlor, which were good, not great, though the house-made guacamole was. Not too chunky, and it had a nice subtle avocado flavor, just enough to not overpower anything it was served with.
Burritos from Papalote.

Burritos from Papalote.

Though most restaurants served bite-size portions, Papalote served full-sized burritos cut in half. The veggie burritos were packed with a lot of flavor from the seasoned rice and beans, and definitely filled us up compared to some of the other offerings on hand. For dessert we had incredibly tasty tiramisu from Gold Mirror. It was light and airy, with balanced hints of liquor, espresso beans, and cocoa.
A selection of wines from Frey.

A selection of wines from Frey.

The selection of wine, beer, and liquor was just as varied as the food offerings. Ten wineries were there to showcase their work, but our favorites were from Frey Vineyards and Treasure Island Wines. Frey Vineyards from Mendocino County features all-natural, organic wines. The Sangiovese was rich, yet soft on the palette, with hints of mixed berries. The Chalk Hill Cabernet Sauvignon from Treasure Island Wines was also a favorite, with its medium body and floral bouquet. Also on hand sampling beer and spirits were Peroni, Sobieski Vodka, Damrak Gin, Pama Pomegrantate Liqueur, and Ty Ku liqueur.
The coup de grace: It's-Its.

The coup de grace: It's-Its.

Overall it was a successful event with a crowd that seemed to enjoy the food and drinks, music, and spectacular views of the downtown Skyline reaching up into the moonlit fog. Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, It’s-It stole the show by giving away its addicting ice cream cookie sandwiches.

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