7×7 List: Angels On Horseback from Anchor & Hope


Update: John Birdsall from SF Weekly’s SFoodie blog chimes in on this piece. Hit the jump to see his thoughts!

In this new feature series on Hoodscope, I will be taking a look at 7×7’s infamous list, The Big Eat SF: 100 Things to Try Before You Die. I’ve been tackling this list for quite some time, and though I’m not done, I’ve taken a nice chunk out of it. For locals who really know San Francisco food, a quick glance at the list may have you completely baffled.

For instance, items like the giant pretzel from The Monk’s Kettle or the apple fritter from Bob’s donuts. They are good, yes, but they have absolutely no business being on a list of things to eat before you die.  If I feel an item does not belong on such a list, I’ll be suggesting better alternatives or something else from that restaurant that better represents itself, the cuisine, or San Francisco. 100 things is a lot to try, and I know many of you out there have been trying to finish this list one item at a time. Hopefully with some personal insight and opinion, I can keep you from wasting your time and money by focusing on the items that truly are to die for.

In this first feature we’ll be taking a look at #48 Angels On Horseback from Anchor & Hope in SoMa.

Item: #48 Angels On Horseback, smoked bacon-wrapped oysters with rémoulade sauce, $13 for 4

Where: Anchor & Hope, a nice seafood restaurant that caters largely to an after-work SoMa crowd. Not swanky, but nicer than casual.

It’s hard to mess with something as perfect as a fresh, raw oyster, but Anchor & Hope serves it up in a way that even oyster-averse people would eat them until their bellies burst. That is, if their wallets could afford to anyway. It’s a plump smoked oyster wrapped in bacon over a little arugala leaf and topped with a rémoulade sauce served in its shell. The presentation is a pretty sight, with the four oysters served on a bed of seaweed and coarse rock salt atop a wood plank. Sure, anything tastes better with bacon but these have a lot of flavor and you can taste all the individual components pretty clearly. It’s incredibly mouth-watering and it just melts in your mouth. I had to try really hard not to pop them into my mouth one right after the other so I could savor each one fully.

Does it belong on the list? Yes

On a side note, I’d like to say thanks to Anchor & Hope for a wonderful birthday dinner and for surprising me with some cake 🙂

Update: John Birdsall from SF Weekly’s SFoodie blog chimes in on this piece:

Now, are we the only ones who feel a tad uncomfortable with the morbid conceit that anyone can come up with a list of things worth cramming down our throats before we croak? As if in, like, the next 40 years, there won’t be some other damn glazed cruller or frisee salad some up-against-a-deadline city magazine editor says we really have to suck down at least once before cancer claims us. It may be Hoodscope online commenter Jacob who best expresses our attitude about lists like these, and more succinctly than we could: You can add my cock to that list of 100 things to try before you die. Nice. And while we’ve never seen Jacob, there’s a good chance he just might be onto something.

Read John’s full article here.


3 Responses to “7×7 List: Angels On Horseback from Anchor & Hope”

  1. 1 Jacob

    You can add my cock to that list of 100 things to try before you die.

  2. Hey there, I like this idea and will be looking forward to your future posts about the list. These oysters do look good. ANd hey, happy birthday!

  1. 1 7×7 List: Apple Fritter At Bob’s Donuts « Hoodscope

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