Join Team Hoodscope in the San Francisco Street Food Festival 2009 Scavenger Hunt


To kick off this year’s first annual San Francisco Street Food Festival, they are hosting a fun scavenger hunt that begins on August 1st and culminates at the festival on August 22nd. The festival is a collaborative effort between La Cocina, street food vendors, and restaurants. They are closing down the street and hosting a festival full of great street food and cocktails, so it’s sure to be a good time!

Starting on August 1st, “San Francisco’s best restauranteurs, famous (and infamous) street food vendors, devoted food producers and hidden puzzles will come together to create a labyrinth of food-related challenges for you to navigate.” Though there will be some real-world scavenging as the festival nears, most of the “hunt” will be a series of questions and riddles based on participating vendors and restaurants that you can answer from the comfort of home!

If this sounds like fun, join Team Hoodscope in our quest for glory! The powerhouse team is lead by yours truly and seasoned street foodies, Aly and Anne. What do you get for being a part of this epic team? Eternal glory and honor, of course! For more details and to join the team, visit the official site, and join the team “Hoodscope” with the password “hoodscope” (clever, I know).

Let the games begin!


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