R.I.P. Michael Jackon (1958-2009): San Francisco Loves You


This post is dedicated to the greatest artist of all time, Michael Jackson. Though he is no longer with us, his music will live on forever.

Update June 26th, 2009: Last night on June 25th, 2009 a flash mob gathered in front of the Ferry Building to dance all night and celebrate the life of Michael Jackon.

In 2007, over 100 people gathered in Dolores Park during an anti-war protest to “Thrill the World

Thrill The World 2007 was the first worldwide simultaneous dance of “Thriller!” From one event in Toronto to 55 events in only one year! We had 1,722 people in 52 cities on 5 continents dancing at exactly the same time, setting two new world records for Largest Simultaneous Thriller Dance with the Record Holders Republic and the World Records Academy.


One Response to “R.I.P. Michael Jackon (1958-2009): San Francisco Loves You”

  1. I regret the loss of the King of Pop Michael Jackson! Jacko is a legend. Such humans unfortunately only every 100 years is born. I hope he gets where he is now, finally in peace.
    Leave also your last greeting at Michael Jackson on our site, thanks.
    from germany… a big and now sad fan

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