Introducing the SF Cheap Eats Examiner!


As of this week, I am the newest writer to join the SF Examiner, where I will be covering San Francisco Cheap Eats. I’m really excited to be able to contribute something I am obviously very passionate about – cheap eats! Now don’t worry, I will still be regularly running Hoodscope as usual, but with the added bonus of sharing my Examiner articles here as well! If you have any favorite cheap eats in San Francisco that you think I should check out and feature on the Examiner, leave a comment, shoot me an email, or tweet me! I would love to hear your what your favorite cheap eats are!

For my very first Examiner article, I featured the Bacon Wrapped Hot Dog Cart, which was one of my earlier articles on Hoodscope. It started with a bang here, and I felt compelled to start it off the same way over at the Examiner! Click the link below for the article and bookmark my SF Cheap Eats Examiner page. Thanks everyone for your continued support!

Continue reading ‘Bacon wrapped hot dog carts provide party goers with after-hours cheap eats’


4 Responses to “Introducing the SF Cheap Eats Examiner!”

  1. 1 newshound

    Congrats Gene. This looks fun.

  2. Oh my gosh! Congratulations on the new job! you’ll be great.

  3. Thanks! If you have any favorite cheap eats in the city, let me know so I can feature it!

  4. 4 Mimi L

    Awesome, Gene… congrats! Sounds like it’ll be lots of fun. Will let you know of my rec’s.

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