Friday Link Love


This week we have what may be the greatest custom drunk food invention since the McGangBang, as created by the locals from Food and the City; and some cheap & expensive options for enjoying San Francisco as reported by the non-locals from The New York Times. At least they knew how to spot a good burrito, something you wouldn’t expect from a New Yorker!

Food and the City – The Animal Taco: A Dream, Realized

…our plan of attack was to grab some carne asada tacos (plain, just meat + tortilla) at a nearby taqueria, then pile the goods on – cheese, grilled onions, and thousand island – while the tacos were still hot.

The verdict: epic drunken food.

The New York Times, Travel – Save or Spluge: San Francisco

Have a feast for under $20 in the multiethnic Mission District, where there’s a taqueria on nearly every corner and the great burrito debate rages on. Top contenders include: El Farolito, a local chain that serves brick-size “super burritos” stuffed with half an avocado for $6…


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  1. 1 kathy

    sweet thanks for the shout out!

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