Friday Link Love


This week has been full of cops and laws and street food, so I’m dedicating this Friday’s Link Love to I Live Here: SF, which posted three great stories and photoshoots this week. If you haven’t yet, read mine 🙂


The landscape was different from anything I’d seen on the East Coast growing up. The hills were so brown and big and the sky was so blue.


I know that a lot of people who live here in the Tenderloin are either lost or come to die. I know. I can hear them screaming at each other all day long as I look out my window. But I came to the Tenderloin to live.


And this is why I love living in San Francisco. The city is so small and our neighborhoods are packed together so closely that you are constantly face to face with people who are very different from you. And no one blinks an eye at the amazing diversity we see every day.


2 Responses to “Friday Link Love”

  1. Ace wanted me to thank you for mentioning his quote in your Friday Link Love Post.

    You going to the MUNI Diaries event tonight at the Makeout Room?

  2. Ace is a good writer 😉

    I wish I was going! Sounds like so much fun! Make sure to share your story and see if a live crowd will get just as riled up as Internet posters, lol.

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