Friday Link Love


Mission Mission – Mr. Pickle Returned to Mama Pickle! 

According to Mama Pickle, the thief called this afternoon claiming to have “felt bad” about taking Mr. Pickle and offered to return him in the night.

SF Weekly – Funemployment

To encounter the laid-off twenty- and thirtysomethings blogging about unemployed life or roaming this city’s bars, museums, and parks on weekday afternoons is to witness a weirdly upbeat portrait emerge. This is no Lost Generation, but a generation that, through loss of work, claims to be finding itself — and having fun along the way.

State of the Street: On San Francisco’s Current “Street Fad”

Funniest comment (no offense!) on this ridiculous article:

Eater SF + Citysearch = Stuff White People Like

Muni Diaries – Hump-and-Run on the N-Judah

Three times now she’s encountered this guy on the N Judah who likes to grind on women on crowded N-Judah trains. She calls him, “the Muni humper.”


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