Poll Results: Best Creme Brulee Cart Flavor?


The people have voted, and decided that the classic Vanilla Bean is the best flavor from the Creme Brulee Cart, taking up just over half of the votes with 53%. Coming in second place is Bailey’s with 27%, with Dark Chocolate Chambord (13%) and White Russian (7%) rounding out the list, respectively. My personal favorite flavor is Dark Chocolate Chambord, which in the Creme Brulee Man’s words is “life changing.” I can’t say I’m surprised Vanilla Bean won, but I am slightly surprised it won in such convincing fashion. It just goes to show, true classics never lose their luster. Like Halle Berry.

Thanks to the dozens of readers that voted! Which did you end up voting for?

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One Response to “Poll Results: Best Creme Brulee Cart Flavor?”

  1. 1 rey

    awww bailey’s came in 2nd.. oO well they are all good.. wouldn’t mind having any of them..

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