Best of SF Weekly’s Best of San Francisco 2009: Futurismo


Everyone loves reading a good “Best of” list. It takes everything that exists about a particular subject, and pares it down to the cream of the crop for easy digestion. Year after year, SF Weekly puts together a colossal “Best of San Francisco” list that spotlights fresh places and trend-setters. The problem with this list is that it is a daunting list in itself. I went one step further and perused the entire list cover to cover, picked out my favorites, and put together Hoodscope’s Best of SF Weekly’s Best of San Francisco 2009: Futurismo list. A best of best of list? Beautiful. Hit the jump!

Best Neighborhood Blog – Mission Mission 

Run by Allan Hough since 2007, the site does a fine job covering the graffiti, stencils, and weird art that show up everywhere in the Mission, but Hough also does whatever the hell he wants, such as detailing the bust of a hot-dog vendor or wondering whether a woman in a photo is a streetwalker.  

Allan does a great job running this fun blog, and I myself am a big fan. Maybe next year there will be a category for “Best Blog Named Hoodscope.”

Best Scenic MUNI Route – 33 Stanyan

Along the way, the bus goes through the Castro, curving under Twin Peaks with a breathtaking sequence of widescreen panoramas before rolling down through the Haight. 

All this without annoying tourists for a buck fiddy. Hello there, lazy Sunday.

Best Street Performer – Gregory Pike, aka Dog-Cat-Rat Man

I’ve seen these best friends personally in Union Square, and it is the cutest most amazing thing ever. After myself.

Best Place for a Birthday Party – China Beach

China Beach, a little-used cove tucked below the spiffy Sea Cliff neighborhood, is one of the most beautiful spots in California, and the site of a worn but still-pleasant bathhouse and picnic grounds that provide the perfect site for a party.

I guess it won’t be much of a secret anymore, my bad! Looks like I need to plan a picnic day here soon. 

Best Public Space in a Private Place – The KPMG Building
55 Second St. at Jessie

It’s the equivalent of a luxurious, if spare, executive lounge, with modern cathedral windows and around 5,000 square feet of polished oak floors that are strewn with stuffed leather chairs, stainless-steel-legged tables, and modernist wavy-birch benches. 

Another cool secret spot no one knows about. Just goes to show how boring accountants really are if they don’t even hang out here themsevles. 

Best Ping Pong – AMD Trading Company

This largely undiscovered table-tennis learning center and store features two tables (which can be reserved for $3 per person per hour) and all the latest equipment, including ball-feeding robots. 

Undiscovered? Check. Balls? Check. Cheap? Check. Robots? Check.

Best Cheap Date – Dolores Park Movie Night

Settle the object of your affection on a blanket and fetch some freshly popped popcorn, or a tamale from the Tamale Lady, who frequently makes an appearance at screenings.  

I thought long and hard about adding this one because it’s been a personal favorite, but this really is one of the best cheap dates, period. Dress warm, bring a blanket, and don’t forget the 40’s.

Best Place for Dad to Take the Kids – Terra Mia 

 …just pop into Terra Mia, find an open table, pour yourself into the able hands of the staff, and complete the easiest, most satisfying art project imaginable: painting ceramics. Select from among dozens of objects, from cups to plates to dog bowls to statuettes, even skulls for metalhead dads — all bone-white and ready for creativity. 

Arts & crafts always make for a fun bonding moment, not necessarily just for dads and their kids.

Best Hip-Hop Club Night – ‘Pacific Standard Time’ at 330 Ritch

It offers a nice mix of bangin’ old-school hip-hop, reggae dancehall, and classic and next-level soul and funk — making it easy to get your groove on. It has become a consistent showcase for both local talent and nationally known rappers, DJs, and singers.

Who knew Tuesday nights could be so much fun? I did, and that’s why I found myself at 330 Ritch on a Tuesday night enjoying the classic hip hop beats and live soul acts. 

Best Lowbrow Dance Club – Delirium

…it’s a dive bar (in the Mission) that just happens to have a dancefloor — or, to be more accurate, a dark-walled rear room where DJs spin discs while happy drunks get their bop on. Delirium’s theory of relativity states that your proximity to cologne-soaked douchebags is directly proportionate to your distance from the Marina.

Not much to add here. It’s a dive bar with a dance floor next to other dive bars, and it’s far from the Marina.

Best Place to Make Your Own Wine – Crushpad

At Crushpad, you don’t actually get to stomp grapes in barrels, but hobbyists and newbies can make their own bottles of wine at $19 a pop (or $5,000 for 300 bottles) and get some knowledge on blending their favorite varietals, identifying tastes as diverse as cedar and dirty sock, and determining corking preferences.

I’ve never been, but this immediately caught my attention as an item to add to my ever-growing “to-do” list.

Had I added a few more items to this list, I could have built a case for creating a Best of Hoodscope’s Best of SF Weekly’s Best of San Francisco 2009: Futurismo. If you would like to see what else made the cut on the official list, you can find a copy of the issue at newsstands across the city, or you can view the entire list online at

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2 Responses to “Best of SF Weekly’s Best of San Francisco 2009: Futurismo”

  1. 1 kathy

    How funny. My coworkers and I have done rainy day picnics in the KPMG lobby!

  2. 2 rey

    the best of best of.. genius!!

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