Poll Results: Best Ice Cream in San Francisco?


The people have voted, and decided that Bi-Rite is the best ice cream shop in San Francisco, taking up 42% of the total votes. Coming in a close second at 33% is my personal favorite, Mitchell’s. I can’t really argue with the results, I’m just slightly bitter my vote didn’t come out on top. Bi-Rite is a somewhat new addition to the ice cream scene, and Mitchell’s has consistently provided me amazingly good ice cream in tons of flavors over the years. Bi-Rite, however, is magically delicious and they offer incredible unique flavors using all-natural ingredients, such as Salted Caramel and Honey Lavender. Bon Appetit magazine even put together their own list of the Top 10 Ice Cream Shops in the country, and Bi-Rite took 3rd place among the cream of the crop, so it’s no surprise it took 1st in it’s own city. Thanks to the dozens of readers that voted!

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3 Responses to “Poll Results: Best Ice Cream in San Francisco?”

  1. 1 anne

    Mitchell’s will always be my #1!

  2. 2 Jacob

    Mitchell’s ftw! I don’t even know what Bi-rite is…guess i have something to try this weekend…

  3. 3 genejo

    Yeah, who voted for Bi-Rite!? lol

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