Thailand Restaurant in the Castro; Best Restaurant Name Ever


With all of the great places to eat in the Castro, how does one decide where to dine? The first step would be to decide what you feel like eating. Once you decide you want to eat Thai food because it is the best, you’re stuck with even more choices because there are a handful of Thai restaurants in the neighborhood. One such restaurant I recently dined at was Thailand Restaurant on Castro just off 17th. 

They get points for not fucking around with the name, calling it like it is. Why call a restaurant by anything other than what it really is?  Plus, they have a cool neon sign, of which we need to see more use of outside the Castro because neon anything rocks. Though the awesome sign is what attracted me to it, you can’t judge a book by it’s cover, so we strolled through the door, up the stairs, and into what looked like someone’s livingroom.

The first thing I noticed about the place is that it is a converted flat, so the layout is similar to an apartment. We took a seat by the window that overlooked Castro St. and checked out the interior, which featured a fireplace (whether it actually works or not, I don’t know), a couple flat screen TV’s showing sitcoms and extreme sports, and quirky decor. The furniture was a cross between cheap chic and grandma’s livingroom. I wasn’t sure if I was in a trendy restaurant or a mom & pop shop. I liked it because it confused me, but kept me oddly intrigued.

So it looks like the place is completely empty, but most of the people were sitting by the windows or the other side of the restaurant behind the point of view of the camera. It started to fill up more as the evening wore on. There was a mix of people in there, both locals and neighborhood visitors, and all seemed to be enjoying their meals. We took a gander at the menu which had everything you would expect from a Thai restaurant, but the “Chef’s Suggestions” offered a lot of seafood dishes that I haven’t seen in many Thai restaurants, but that should be expected from any restaurant in San Francisco. Quick note: If a restaurant in San Francisco does not offer a selection of fresh seafood dishes, that should raise a red flag. You’re either in a chain or poseur restaurant. You wouldn’t eat in a restaurant in Texas that doesn’t offer steak, would you?

But I digress. Everything looked fairly good, but we decided to go simple and foolproof, which meant Bar-B-Q Chicken and Pad Thai. The Pad Thai was pretty flavorful and sweet, not dry at all, served with prawns and tofu. I really like my Pad Thai wet, versus the dry-style you sometimes get, and they served it right in between. The chicken was served in three thin cutlets, cooked well with the oh-so-crucial grill marks and served with a sweet & spicy sauce that was very good. The chicken itself was okay, but the accompanying sauce made it better. So much so, that we asked for an extra side of the sauce and really laid it on thick.

The meal as a whole was very satisfying, and did not leave us wanting to purge as soon as we got home. The prices are also very fair, we got out of there spending about $20 out the door and felt like we got a good deal. It’s a really cute restaurant right on Castro St. right off the MUNI stop, so it’s easily accessible when you’re in the neighborhood and want to grab a good meal. Also, don’t forget you’re in the Castro, so if you feel like eating some dick after dinner, just cross the street and grab one from Hot Cookie!

Thailand Restaurant
438A Castro St.
San Francisco, CA 94114
(415) 863-6868  

Thanks for the photos, Isip!

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3 Responses to “Thailand Restaurant in the Castro; Best Restaurant Name Ever”

  1. I want to subscribe to your feed but I can’t seem to find where.

  2. 2 Gene

    Hi, there is an RSS feed button at the top right of the page with Twitter, Facebook, Google, and RSS buttons! Thanks for reading!

  3. I have to agree with you, naming your restaurant something generic and descritive. It’s better than naming it after a poison like the Hemlock Restaurant.

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