Double Dutch in the Mission; Kickin’ It Old School


Step into Double Dutch, and you will think you were transported to a Brooklyn dive bar in 1984, back when music was raw, graffiti was art, and kids carried ghetto blasters on their shoulders instead of whimpy iPods in their pockets. Everyone was a bboy and shell toes were king. Double Dutch preserves that era with its funky decor and dope beats. 

I’ll say it right now, if you think graffitti is vandalism or don’t know what a ghetto blaster is, you should probably just stop reading and not bother going to Double Dutch, and head to the Marina instead. 

When it comes down to it, Double Dutch it just another bar in the Mission. What sets them apart is their dedication to the theme, which they execute well.  A relatively small place, when you first walk in you’ll find a long bar along the left, and tables and booths lining the wall to the right. Once you walk past this room, the dancefloor is in the back with an elevated DJ booth. My personal favorite part of the decor here is the collection of ghetto blasters on the wall above the DJ booth. Instant nostalgia.

Lining the walls are urban art, graffiti paintings, and stills from the classic bboy movie, Breakin’. 

Usually I don’t care about bathrooms, being a guy and all. All we need is a designated place to urinate, and sometimes we don’t even need that, what with being able to whip it out anywhere oh so conveniently. But if you do need one, there are two and both are small, and would usually be classified as filthy. Not by my standards! Graffiti lines every single inch of the bathroom walls, mostly tags with a spattering of quick throwups. It reminds me of the days I used to carry paint pens and a couple cans of Krylon in my backpack everywhere I went.

The bartenders are all friendly and laid back, no egos or attitudes here. They do what they do best, serve drinks and make sure everyone gets drunk. Beers on tap are about $4 from what I remember, and they also serve Chimay in the requisite goblet. There’s a full bar, so you shouldn’t have any trouble ordering your favorite drink, but don’t order martinis and tropicals here. It’s more of a shots & beer, vodka & Redbull, Hennessy & coke kind of place. 

The music is consistently good, with DJ’s spinning a lot of old school hip hop, classic 90’s jams, with a dash of the new stuff. The place can get very packed, however, especially Thursday through Sat nights when all the kids are out in the Mission. Lines will sometimes form outside, so either make this your first stop or come towards the end of the night if you don’t want to get caught in a long line outside. This is parly due to the fact that they do not charge cover, ever, as far as I know. Sundays through Wednesdays are much more chill and you can hangout there with some friends and enjoy good music and booze without someone bumping into you and knocking your drink over. 

One of my favorite spots to hit in the Mission, it’s easily accessible via BART, just get off at the 16th & Mission St. stop and you’re right in the thick of the action around that part of the Mission. You really can’t go wrong with their old school vibe, no cover, stiff drinks, and good music. Maybe if you’re lucky, you’ll catch the legenday bacon wrapped hot dog cart outside on the corner. 

Double Dutch
3192 16th St.
San Francisco, CA 94103
(415) 503-1670

Thanks for the photos, Anne!

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One Response to “Double Dutch in the Mission; Kickin’ It Old School”

  1. 1 Jacob

    Dude even the bouncer was nice. Even though I yakked in front of him on the way out for a smoke, he still let me back in. Good times were had by all.

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