Hot Cookie in the Castro; Cookies and Penises Under One Roof


Like cookies? Like penises? Like penises shaped like cookies? Er, I mean cookies shaped like penises? Then something is wrong with you. But I am not here to judge. Located in a tiny shop right on Castro Street between 17th St. and 18th St., Hot Cookie serves up traditional and not so traditional treats to satisfy your sweet tooth. 

I was introduced to this place by my good friend and and fellow foodie, Aly. Why she thought I would get a kick out this place, I’m not sure, but I did.

The first thing you’ll notice when you walk into this tiny shop is it’s size. In this case, bigger does not necessarily mean better. In fact, it may be the perfect size because there’s barely any room for more than 4 people in front of the counter, but that just means more counter space for the cookies, which is what really matters. Plastered all over the walls are photos of customers (mostly men) in various stages of undress, all sporting the signature Hot Cookie undies, of which I would love a pair for my birthday (July 22) so I can make a cameo on the wall with HOODSCOPE written across my bare chest while flexing and showing off the goods, but I digress…

They serve the usual assortment of cookies you would find in any typical shop – chocolate chip, fudge, snickerdoodles, ginger snaps, M&M’s, white chocolate, and so on and so forth. The true appeal (if this sort of stuff appeals to you) are the Penis and Venus cookies proudly on display. It should go without saying that these are macaroon cookies shaped like, yes, penises and vaginas. If you like your private parts au naturale, you can enjoy them with coconut pubes.

I only tried a couple of the cookies, and they were fairly standard. I probably wouldn’t come back here if I were having a serious cookie craving, but I’m pretty sure I would stop by if I were already in the Castro and had a sweet tooth. You definitely will get a kick out of the “decor.” What sets this place apart from other cookie shops (aside from the risque photos and dong cookies, of course) is the way they price the cookies. Most shops sell cookies at a flat rate per cookie, but at Hot Cookie they serve everything by the pound. I couldn’t really tell how much they charge per pound, but it looks like it could come out to anywhere from $2.25-2.75 per cookie, give or take. I’m not a mathmetician so I could be totally off, but if you care about overpaying for a cookie you probably aren’t the type of person that would want to laugh at edible schlongazoids.

Hot Cookie 
407 Castro St.
San Francisco, CA 94114
(415) 621-2350 

Thanks for the photos, Anne!

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6 Responses to “Hot Cookie in the Castro; Cookies and Penises Under One Roof”

  1. i want a pair of hot cookie underwear as well.

  2. we should take pictures in our horse and monkey thongs and in hot cookie undies. we’d get posted on their wall, for sure.

  3. im down. you still have your horse pocket tho? lol

  4. I do, but I lost the sound box that makes horse noises 😦

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