DOOWUTCHYALIKE with Guest DJ Neil Armstrong at Poleng Lounge


One of my favorite DJ’s, Neil Armstrong, will be spinning at Poleng Lounge this Saturday at DOOWUTCHALIKE, hosted by Distortion2Static. Member of the DJ Collective 5th Platoon, Neil Armstrong has worked with the biggest names in Hip Hop, including being the DJ for Jay-Z’s official World Tour. Expect good music and a crowd that appreciates it. Reduced cover before 11:00pm with RSVP via

Poleng Lounge
1751 Fulton St.
San Francisco, CA 94117
(415) 441-1751

2 Responses to “DOOWUTCHYALIKE with Guest DJ Neil Armstrong at Poleng Lounge”

  1. 1 crossphaded

    Neil Armstrong is dope. Been a fan of his mixtapes since 2002. If you haven’t copped any of them, I suggest you do. Start with Sweeet and Bittersweet as well as Original and 2 Original. They’ll be on heavy rotation, I guarantee it!
    Glad he got his shine being J-hova’s tour DJ.

  2. I’m a big fan! I have all his mixtapes, as well. Years later they are still on heavy rotation for me. Thanks for scopin’ out the blog!

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