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San Francisco is the nerve center for seafood on the West Coast. Say what you will about Seattle or Southern California (lol) but no other hub is on the same level as The City by the Bay when it comes to fresh seafood and flippin’ it every which way, which is why we are at […]

With all of the great places to eat in the Castro, how does one decide where to dine? The first step would be to decide what you feel like eating. Once you decide you want to eat Thai food because it is the best, you’re stuck with even more choices because there are a handful […]

“A what?” she asks. “A curry cart. A magic one.” I reply matter-of-factly. “What’s that?” 

Being a city that goes to bed early, there aren’t as many 24 hour eateries as you would expect here. Sure they exist, but this isn’t Las Vegas or New York, where almost every place is open 24 hours. In the Castro, there are a handful of late night eateries scattered throughout the neighborhood, one […]

Film season is here, and the 52nd Annual San Francisco International Film Festival kicks off this Thursday April 23 and runs until May 7 in theaters across the city. Boasting over 150 films from all over the world, there is definitely something for everyone. The festival covers all types of film including world cinema, reborn […]

What do you get when you combine drinking with a childhood game? A damn good time! This weekend, a group of Yelpers got together and organized a game of Sloshball in Golden Gate Park. For the uninitiated, Sloshball is basically kickball with booze. It was my first time playing this wonderful game, and my only […]

Medicine for Melancholy is director Barry Jenkins’ debut feature film, which has been making its rounds in film festivals around the world, garnering much praise among critics for his raw and stylistic storytelling.  Set in San Francisco, the story follows two 20-something African Americans, after they have a drunken one night stand. Micah (played by […]