Kezar Pub & Restaurant in the Haight


Kezar Pub is a sports bar & restaurant that gets it right. Granted, it’s very difficult to screw up a place that shows sports and serves alcohol and food, but they do it very nicely. It’s located by the Golden Gate Park entrance in the Haight, a nice central location for sports fans from all the surrounding neighborhoods to call this place home.

The interior is fairly large, with one main bar room with high tables and stools, and a bigger back room with tables and a pool table. What makes this such a great place to watch sports is that they do not discriminate on the sports they show.  Some bars will only show football, or basketball, or God forbid, baseball! Kezar Pub has enough flat panel screens, about a dozen, to show multiple games at once. The place is a really popular place to watch big soccer games and right now, March Madness. They even show UFC fights, which is great for MMA fans such as myself.

When you have sports, you need booze. They have many beers on tap and bottled, and a fully stocked bar. Off the top of my head, you can get a big pitcher of Stella Artois, Hefeweizen, Sierra Nevada, and Boddington’s for about $18, and shitty domestic beer is about $14. 

When you have booze, you need food. At Kezar Pub, they have a full assortment of standard bar food, such as pizza, garlic fries, nachos, and my personal favorite, buffalo wings. All the food is made fresh, not from frozen processed junk. The nachos are pretty good and very filling, but the buffalo wings are on point. Tossed in a flavorful buffalo sauce with just the right about of vinegar and heat. They serve it with blue cheese, which I hate, so I always have to ask for ranch.

Only a couple knocks I have against this place. One is the parking situation. Being located right at the beginning of Upper Haight, it can be a bitch and you should expect to circle the block a couple times if you don’t get blessed by the parking gods right away. Also, the servers aren’t very attentive. The last two times I’ve been here, they straight up forgot to bring me my damn ranch. 

Other than that, it’s a lively place to catch a game and cheer with some fellow fans. Unless they’re a Laker fan then you can tell them to fuck off, and suddenly everyone in the room will grow a pair and join in on the heckling.

Kezar Pub & Restaurant
770 Stanyan St.
San Francisco, CA 94117
(415)  386-9292

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