A Great Non-Profit: Curry Without Worry


Curry Without Worry is a local non-profit that aims to serve hungry people in San Francisco’s Civic Center every week. Rather than trying to serve as many people as possible in an attempt to cure hunger, they focus on providing a quality, hearty, and warm Nepalese meal in a dignified manner to those that are hungry. Though their desire is to feed those that are most in need of a hot meal, it is their philosophy that “hunger is not defined by an empty stomach.” All are welcome and no one is denied food or charged money. 

Curry Without Worry was founded by Shrawan Nepali, a native of Nepal who shares his love of cooking and bringing friends together. He wishes to share his rich Nepalese culture with his food, and with drumming, singing, and lecture as people line up for food. 

I got to meet him pesonally when I went to experience Curry Without Worry myself. He is a vibrant man, always smiling and making sure everyone is happy and taken care of. He walks to each and every person, shakes their hand, and thanks them for coming and to enjoy the meal. It’s because of this man that the many needy people that line up every week feel loved and welcome. 

Shrawan Nepali, the man behind Curry Without Worry

Shrawan Nepali, the man behind Curry Without Worry

Though the majority of people waiting in line looked liked they needed a hot meal more than I did, there was a handful of average folk such as myself waiting to enjoy the great Nepalese food.

The food is what makes the weekly line-up well worth it. The vegetarian meal usually consists of five items: rice, naan bread, tomato and timmur chutney, vegetable curry, and nine bean sprouted bean soup. They are all made with fresh ingredients in the Taste of the Himalayas restaurant kitchen right before being delivered to Civic Center. The quality is superb and the flavors are bold and flavorful. I ate my entire plate so fast, and didn’t leave a single grain of rice behind. I have paid for much, much worse food.  I would almost pay for this meal if I wasn’t living off funemployment checks. This has got to be, hands down, the best free food you can get anywhere in San Francisco.

All this for free.99!

All this for free.99!

If you would like to experience it yourself, they are in the UN Plaza at Civic Center on Hyde and Fulton every Tuesday, rain or shine, from 5:30-6:30 according to ther website. However, when I went they didn’t show up until about 6:15, but who’s complaining.

Curry Without Worry is  self-funded, donation, and grant driven. You can help by donating, volunteering, or suggesting a strategic relationship by visiting their website. Check out this video clip for some more background into the history of Curry Without Worry, definitely worth watching.

Curry Without Worry
2269 Chestnut, Suite 967 
San Francisco, CA 94123
(415) 287-0799

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