Java On Ocean Coffee Shop in Ingleside


Java On Ocean

I don’t need to tell you that coffee shops are everywhere these days. Unfortunately, 99% of them are shitty franchise shops that put local independently owned coffee shops out of business. Thankfully, Starbucks has stayed out of Ingleside and that allows Java On Ocean to solidify itself as the coffee shop of choice for the locals and CCSF students. 

Right on the corner of Ocean and Faxon, just a couple blocks from CCSF, Java On Ocean is far from the typical pretentious corporate coffee shops that litter the streets of every neighborhood. You won’t find baristas that think they’re sommeliers, or poseur coffee house types that are on the brink of typing up the next great American literary masterpiece. 

It’s not a quiet place, if you’re looking for a quiet shop, just stop reading now. On any given day, this place will be bustling with all sorts of people – students typing up last minute reports or meeting with study groups, old ladies stopping by to hang out and chat over a cup of tea, locals just hanging out and reading, or people like me, blogging away for the people! I’m actually typing up this post right now from Java On Ocean, and every type of person I just described is here right now. 

It’s fairly large and pops with bright colors and mismatching furniture that consists of about a dozen tables, a bunch of chairs, and a few couches. Plants, a handwritten chalk menu, and singing birds in a couple cages round out the decor. You’ll hear all types of music being played, mostly chill house, hiphop, Latin, reggae, etc. They also have a couple computer stations to get your surf on if you don’t have a laptop.

Which actually brings me to my next point. They have free Wi-Fi provided by ZRNet, but you have to login to use the Wi-Fi and it caps your daily usage at 2 hours. How am I supposed to hang out here everyday and blog if I can only be online for 2 hours!? I am too cheap to pay $3.95 for 24 hours, $14.95 for a month, or $9.95 a month for a subscription. I guess that would be a good option if you don’t have an Internet connection at home, but I’m here because I like getting out of my apartment, I just wish I could stay here longer than 2 hours.

Oh yeah, the coffee. It’s better than good but probably not the best in the entire world. I’m not a coffee connoisseur, but I do know think Starbucks tastes like trash and this is much better than that. They have the usual assortment of coffee and espresso drinks, all fairly priced. They also have other stuff like sandwiches, pastries, smoothies, and all types of snacks, though I haven’t tried any of them yet. The baristas are friendly and will bring your order to you. I really have no complaints with the quality of the service.

So if you’re ever in Ingleside and need a place to unwind or just need to hop online, Java On Ocean has everything you’ll need.


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