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So how do you know you’re a San Francisco Hipster? First and foremost, you have to be incredibly lazy and disinterested in everything, even things that excite you. The moment you show interest in something, it’s suddenly uncool. This goes hand in hand with not having a job and living off your parent’s credit cards […]

I don’t need to tell you that coffee shops are everywhere these days. Unfortunately, 99% of them are shitty franchise shops that put local independently owned coffee shops out of business. Thankfully, Starbucks has stayed out of Ingleside and that allows Java On Ocean to solidify itself as the coffee shop of choice for the […]

We don’t get very many sunny days in The City, but when we do I try and make it to B Restaurant & Bar in SOMA. What makes this ideal for sunny weather is its rooftop location, outdoor seating, all glass walls, surrounding waterfalls, and beautiful views of the downtown skyline. Situated right above Yerba […]

Dada is a small bar that pulls double duty as an art gallery on the border of the FiDi and SOMA, on 2nd Street between Market and Mission. It’s very inconspicuous from the street, but inside is a hidden gem amongst all the yuppie hotspots in the area. I stumbled in here one day after […]

In a neighborhood with tapas bars on every street, Lolo manages to stay unique with it’s quirky decor and creative menu.